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Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organizational processes

Your digitalized organizational processes do not always run as planned or expected. This can for example cause the lead time of your process to increase (efficiency) or the necessary controls to not be carried out or to be circumvented (effectiveness).

In turn, the complexity and digitalization of organizational processes mean that it is often difficult to fully grasp and control them in order to keep your finger on the pulse.

The digitization of organizational processes, however, also results in an increasing amount of data that is captured by the IT systems. This data is thus available to your organization and offers new opportunities.

Process mining allows you to analyze the available data and provides new insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes with just a few mouse clicks. In this way, processes can be better controlled and continuously improved.

Do you ever wonder:

  • How your processes (e.g. purchasing, sales) run in reality?
  • Whether the actual course of your process is in line with expectations or how the process was designed?
  • How certain processes can be further optimized?
  • Where are the bottlenecks (bottle necks) and inefficiencies in the process?


What is process mining?

Process mining is a data mining technique which allows you to analyse and visualise the reality of your processes, and then compare it with the theory (“how should the process run”).

During process mining, specific algorithms are applied to the recorded transactions in your IT systems (‘event logs’). These event logs contain data that can lead to valuable and fact-based insights.

In principle, process mining can be applied to any digitalized process (purchasing, sales, incident management, etc.).

How can we help?

We start from your question, problem and context, to identify and extract the relevant data from the IT systems. This data then needs to be cleaned up and transformed before loading it into the process mining tool.

The tool will automatically analyze the process data and allows you to quickly get an overview of the actual course of your process, the deviations with regard to the expected or desired process and the possible bottlenecks and inefficiencies that occur.

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Gorik Van den Bergh