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IT in your business

We probably don’t need to convince you of the many advantages and opportunities that technology and digitization have to offer for organizations.

That the use of IT entails a lot of risks for your organization will also not be a secret. However, ensuring that IT functions properly while keeping the IT risks under control is a challenge for many. Organizations are under pressure to move quickly in order not to miss the digital train, for example, but often lose sight of new and changing risks in the process.

In other words, IT has an ever-increasing impact on the success of organizations. It requires the necessary and proper expertise from your organization to be able to answer a number of complex questions.

Our IT audits give you insight into your IT environment and the way IT supports your business processes ‘today’ (AS-IS), as well as how your IT infrastructure and IT processes can be further improved ‘tomorrow’ (TO-BE).

How can we help you?

  • You have a strong suspicion that the supporting IT processes or your IT infrastructure are not functioning properly, but you cannot “put your finger on the wound”?
  • You have invested in IT and also want to check whether these investments are achieving their goals? In other words, “do you have your IT sufficiently under control”?
  • Or maybe you foresee investments to improve the maturity of your IT environment, but you first want to get a clear view of the main risks and especially the priorities for your organization?

Plan of approach

In a first phase, we map out your current IT environment so that you have a clear view on the most important and relevant IT resources within your organization (e.g. IT infrastructure, critical IT systems and data…).

Based on our understanding of your current IT environment, we then identify the key IT risks, tailored to the context and specific needs of your organization.

IT risks relate to, among others; IT Governance, IT Security, Business Continuity, Application Management, IT project management and so on, but equally to not optimizing IT resources enough (cost efficiency).

We then examine what measures you have already taken and whether these are sufficient to adequately address the IT risks. For example: are the ‘end devices’ or endpoints, including mobile devices of your employees, sufficiently secured (endpoint security). Or is the data on your cloud servers only accessible to authorized users and based on the ‘least privilege’ and ‘need to know’ principle?

The result is that an IT audit or IT assessment gives you a clear view of the IT weaknesses (but also the strengths) within your organization. Identified IT risks are prioritized and for the unacceptable risks you receive concrete and practical recommendations to address them.


IT Roadmap

You know where the pain points are and you also know which IT risks are important and less important? But how do you start the improvement process?

Based on the IT audit, you will also be supported in translating the recommendations into a multi-year plan with concrete IT projects, taking into account your organizational goals, priorities and budget.

IT Audit Methodology

Our IT audits are performed in line with the CoBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards.

Moreover, we are a member of ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) and our IT auditors are Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

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Gorik Van den Bergh