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Information Security System

Valuable information within your company is an attractive target for cybercriminals, but can also be leaked (whether intentionally or not) by internal employees. You may suffer financial loss and your company’s image may be severely damaged.

It is therefore extremely important that the security of your information is provided for as best as possible. In other words: how do you manage to sufficiently ensure the confidentiality, availability and correctness of information?

By setting up an Information Security Management System (ISMS), a company can adopt a systematic and risk-based approach that takes into account the roles and responsibilities within its own organization, the processes and the supporting IT systems to secure your information. Such an approach addresses information security risks and is also a viable option for any organization, large or small.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO27001 is the international standard related to information security that is used to set up an information security system. The standard describes the requirements for policies, procedures, processes and systems that must be in place for an organization to adequately manage information security risks.

Why ISO 27001?

  • You can make the choice as an organization to obtain the ISO27001 certificate. In this way you give your customers (and other relevant stakeholders) the necessary comfort about the security of their data.
  • Not only do you offer the necessary comfort to existing customers, but also your potential customers are informed about the attention and care that your organization devotes to the security of sensitive information. In short, a way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.
  • An information security system based on ISO27001 also ensures that you are compliant with relevant legislation (e.g. GDPR).
  • With the implementation of ISO27001, roles & responsibilities and procedures are clearly defined and streamlined so that your organization gains efficiency.
  • Continuity risks within your organization are minimized.

How can we help?

With our expertise in information security and risk management, we help you with:

  • Setting up an information security system within your company;
  • preparing and guiding your company to obtain the ISO27001 certificate;
  • evaluate your information security system and formulate concrete recommendations to increase its maturity.


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