Your challenges

Our global healthcare sector is undergoing rapid and far-reaching evolution. Your challenges are clear: due to COVID-19 necessary rapid actions with an impact on your broad activity, both organizationally, financially, and emotionally for all involved, affordability of care and this in combination with ever-increasing technological sophistication, scarcity in the labour market, increasing and frequently changing regulations with possible ambiguities, critical transparency demanded by your patients with direct access to their patient record on your server, savings in government funding, collaborative culture, a wide range of IT capabilities and risks,…

Networking is not only a reality within your own sector but also across different subsectors of the care sector an aspect that opens doors in all directions: hospitals, elderly care, home care, mental health care, rehabilitation hospitals, support people with disabilities, youth assistance, childcare, … Today, all healthcare sectors offer each other added value with one goal: implement better-integrated care for your patients and clients.

Social entrepreneurship implies making choices. As a director, manager, responsible, doctor, you make accurate decisions to tackle your challenges efficiently.

Our expertise offers you solutions

Our specialised healthcare team offers you multidisciplinary solutions. Legal provisions, general and sector-specific accounting obligations, IT obligations and possibilities, tax regulations including legal entity income tax, patrimony tax, VAT provisions, …

We are making our mark by participating actively in various working groups of the IBR. For example, the working group hospitals, non-profit, …

Our colleagues from the public sector enhance our healthcare team’s knowledge of your sector.
Our expert approach in the financing context of BFM, catch-up amounts, VIPA lump sums, COVID subsidies, PVF and PAB, VSB, …

Flexibility is the common thread in our advice and work. We adapt our advice and our work to the rapidly changing environment in which you operate. We base our advice and work on a detailed knowledge of your specific problem and specific points of attention of your own care institution: hospital, elderly care, childcare, home care, a rehabilitation hospital, support people with disabilities, mental health care, youth care,… Our multidisciplinary healthcare team offers you a professional and pragmatic answer.

We offer you practical relevance in your own sector

Our practical advice and work evolve in the context of the regulatory evolution and the evolution of your organisation. Our experts’ personal commitment and involvement make this possible. Our extensive expertise is our mainstay in providing you with a pragmatic, tailored to your organization, key to success. Our healthcare team will be happy to guide you in achieving your concrete strategic, operational, legal, financial, fiscal, IT goals in an efficient and optimal manner.

Our expertise extends to the following services:

  • Commissioner’s mandate
  • Statutory special assignments in accordance with the CCA, as well as supervision: mergers, divisions, transfers, liquidations, …
  • Audit universe and risk assessment
  • Internal auditopdrachten
  • Advisory services on administrative organisation and internal controls
  • Financial regulation doctors
  • Long-term financing and investment planning
  • Advice in the context of your financing (BFM, VIPA, COVID, VAPH, VSB, …)
  • Broad tax advice: VAT, legal entity tax, patrimony tax, fiche obligation, …
  • IT: GDPR, DPO, NIS, big data, process mining, …

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Ann De Ceuster
Ann De Ceuster